Stud Book Authority of India


  • What is SBAI (Stud Book Authority of India)?

  • What is a Thoroughbred horse?

  • General Terms and Definitions

  • What is a Breeding Establishment?

  • What is a recognised Turf Authority?

  • How Many Turf Authorities are there in India?

Registration of New Breeding Establishment

Registration of Stallions / Broodmares

Covering Certificate

  • What is a Covering Certificate?

  • How do I register a Covering Certificate?

  • What is the last date of submission of Covering Certificates? What is the registration fee?

  • Who issues a blank Covering Certificates?

  • Can blank Covering Certificates be downloaded from the website?

  • Can a Breeding Establishment / Breeder / Owner sign both the parts of the Covering Certificate (Stallion and Mare)?

  • Who will submit a Covering Certificate of a visiting Mare?

Notification of Birth

Certificate of Identity

Sale Transfer

  • How do I register a Sale/Transfer of a horse? What is the fee?

  • How do I get a blank Sale/Transfer Form?

  • Can I lease my horse?

Registration of Names

  • Registration of Names

  • How do I forward an application for Registration of name/s?

  • General Guidelines of Article 14 of IABRW

  • Change of names

  • Can we use a name, which is already registered?

Microchipping of Horses in India

  • What is microchiping?

  • How large is the microchip and where is it implanted in the horse?

  • What are the advantages of microchipping a Thoroughbred?

  • Microchipping of horses in India?

  • Who issues microchips for thoroughbred horses born in India?

  • How do I read the microchip in my Thoroughbred?

DNA Testing

  • Is DNA testing mandatory for thoroughbred horses?

  • Who collects the hair sample for DNA testing and where should the samples be sent? What is the fee applicable?

  • When do we DNA-test Indian-bred stallions/broodmares?

  • Is DNA testing required for imported horses, even though DNA tested abroad?


  • Issuing authority of a passport for horses born in India?

  • How to obtain a passport of a horse?

  • Is it mandatory to have a passport of a horse?

  • How can we get a duplicate Passport? What is the fee?

Documentation of Export of Thoroughbred Horses

  • What is the procedure to export a thoroughbred horse? Documents required? Fees, if any?

Remittance / Funds

  • In whose favour should the be Cheque / Drafts drawn?

  • How do I sent remittance / funds by RTGS / NEFT?

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